Spitting on the turf, what's the big deal?

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Lately we have had an influx in players getting red cards for spitting on the turf. Their response is always “Why are we getting a red card and getting kicked out for something as small as spitting on the turf?” The answer is because it is gross. We don’t come to your house and spit on your carpet so we ask that you have the same respect when you are at CSP and not spit on ours.

The turf isn’t just used for soccer games, there is fitness bootcamp and little kids that are on the turf and they don’t want to workout and play in your spit. All we are asking is that you respect the facility and think about others before you do something on the turf that you wouldn’t want others to do. There are garbage cans in the player boxes that are available for you.

We want to provide a clean state of the art facility for you to play in for many more years to come so please be respectful of the facility and treat it like your own!

Here is to a good clean rest of 2013!


Book a Birthday Party Today!

Did you know that Corvallis Sports Park does birthday Parties!? Well we do AND we have some times open on Saturday in January! Our parties are fun filled and action packed. We have a great base package and fun add ons! Details

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The Timbers Experience

April 14th was a big day for Oregon Soccer. The Portland Timbers had their first home game of the season and the State of Oregon declared it Timbers Day! If you were there in person to witness the Timbers Army singing the National Anthem then you truly understand what a memorable experience it was. We were lucky enough to attend and be a part of the Timbers Experience. We tried to capture as much as we could to share with our fans and patrons. You can watch footage and check out our pictures at Timbers Home Opener

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A glance back and a look forward...

The other day I received an email from a longtime customer asking if I could look up and see when their team first started playing here, it had been so long that they couldn’t remember. This team has been a staple ever since I started working here in 2002, this team has played every season since Summer 2002 which is over 400 games and while players have come and gone there is still a core group that continues to play on.

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Feb 1

When did players start perfecting the art of the flop?

After working in the soccer industry for almost 9 years I have watched a lot of soccer games and while the game remains mostly the same it seems the drama that goes along with the fouls and non-fouls has greatly increased. Instead of focusing on how to play the game and to play it well it seems that players have been trying to figure out how to perfect the performance of their flop just in case they should get a foul called or if it is borderline. While many of these players are able to pull it off, as an observer it is very obvious to which are flops and which are fouls.

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