Spitting on the turf, what's the big deal?

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Lately we have had an influx in players getting red cards for spitting on the turf. Their response is always “Why are we getting a red card and getting kicked out for something as small as spitting on the turf?” The answer is because it is gross. We don’t come to your house and spit on your carpet so we ask that you have the same respect when you are at CSP and not spit on ours.

The turf isn’t just used for soccer games, there is fitness bootcamp and little kids that are on the turf and they don’t want to workout and play in your spit. All we are asking is that you respect the facility and think about others before you do something on the turf that you wouldn’t want others to do. There are garbage cans in the player boxes that are available for you.

We want to provide a clean state of the art facility for you to play in for many more years to come so please be respectful of the facility and treat it like your own!

Here is to a good clean rest of 2013!


On Goal Boot Camp

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Jun 8

Euros 2012

Every year the Upper Deck Sports Pub hums with excitement in June with either World Cup, Champions League or Euros games. This year the much anticipated EUROS 2012 are underway as of today! Some of the best players in the world are now pitted against each other vying for their Country to take home the title as the EUROS 2012 champion.

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Timbers Dribble Oregon Clinic

On January 14th, we were honored to have the Portland Timbers come to our other facility in Springfield to host a clinic for kids ages 5 to 13. The kids were all there early sporting their soccer gear and huge smiles on their faces. Many were very excited to meet the players, others were excited to meet Timber Joey and many parents were just as excited as their kids! The day went great, the kids learned lots and we can’t wait for next year as we are hoping that they will come to Corvallis!

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Book a Birthday Party Today!

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