Soccer Schedules

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Reschedule Times

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This Weeks Games

Mon18-Aug5:40PMMI06Bundesfanvs.Master Cylinder
Mon18-Aug6:30PMMA04CFC Corvallisvs.The Bier Guys
Mon18-Aug7:20PMMA05Brunovs.Beast United
Tue19-Aug5:40PMMR02HT- Liverpool MRvs.Mighty Whitey
Tue19-Aug6:30PMCI11Koboyashi Maruvs.Oregon West
Tue19-Aug7:20PMWR03Gazellesvs.Razzle Demons
Tue19-Aug8:10PMWR04Scrapsvs.Intentionally Left Blank
Tue19-Aug9:00PMOpen PlayOpen Playvs.Open Play
Wed20-Aug5:40PMMI08Fanny Packerzvs.Bonaza FC
Wed20-Aug6:30PMCI12Phat Penguinsvs.Mistrzowie
Wed20-Aug7:20PMMA06CFC Corvallisvs.Matt Rushmore
Wed20-Aug8:10PMMI09Deportivo Mexicovs.Master Cylinder
Wed20-Aug9:00PMMI10Samurai FCvs.Fusion FC
Thur21-Aug5:40PMMR06N.P.Avs.Mighty Whitey
Thur21-Aug6:30PMMR07CFC Toovs.HT- Liverpool MR
Thur21-Aug7:20PMMR08Orange Crushvs.It’s Raining Men
Thur21-Aug8:10PMMR09OBDL Crown Royalsvs.Honey Badgers
Fri22-Aug5:40PMCI13Kickin’ it Ole Schoolvs.CFC Coed
Fri22-Aug6:30PMCI14The Justice Leaguevs.Balls to the Wall
Fri22-Aug7:20PMCI15Team Rocketvs.Goal Diggers
Fri22-Aug8:10PMCR11Noxious Lolliesvs.Deportivo Mexico B
Fri22-Aug9:00PMOpen PlayOpen Playvs.Open Play
NO Games Scheduled for Saturday August 23rd
Sun24-Aug4:50PMMR10Mighty Whiteyvs.HT- Liverpool MR
Sun24-Aug5:40PMCR12Titansvs.HT-Real Madrid CR
Sun24-Aug6:30PMMO5002Over 50vsOver 50
Sun24-Aug7:20PMCR13Paedomorphosisvs.Noxious Lollies
Mon25-Aug5:40PMMI11Bonaza FCvs.Bundesfan
Mon25-Aug6:30PMMA07Beast Unitedvs.The Bier Guys
Mon25-Aug7:20PMMA08Brunovs.Matt Rushmore
Mon25-Aug8:10PMMI12THFCvs.Fanny Packerz