Soccer Schedules

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Reschedule Times

E-mail for a current list of available reschedule times

This Weeks Games

19-MayTue5:40PMWR16My Little Konevs.Gazelles
19-MayTue6:30PMWR17Scrapsvs.See Jane Run
19-MayTue7:20PMWR18Chicks with Kicksvs.Girls on Field
19-MayTue9:00PMWI10The Mummiesvs.Toaster Club
20-MayWed5:40PMMIBK13Samurai FCvs.Bonaza FC
20-MayWed6:30PMMIBK14Jeff Locosvs.Matt Bragging Rights
20-MayWed7:20PMMIBK15Fusion FCvs.OBF
20-MayWed8:10PMMIWH20Dos Cervezas Minimasvs.OFD
20-MayWed9:00PMMIWH21Tin Cansvs.Inter Milan-MI
20-MayWed9:50PMMRGD22Willamette Valley Toxicologyvs.Lil Kickers
21-MayThu5:40PMMRGD23CFC Toovs.Jacobo Nation
21-MayThu6:30PMMRSV27Salvadorablesvs.Roar We are Boyz
21-MayThu7:20PMMRGD24College Hill Wolverinesvs.Honey Badgers
21-MayThu8:10PMMRSV28It’s Raining Menvs.Liverpool MR
21-MayThu9:00PMMRSV29This and Thatvs.DLF – Pickseed
21-MayThu9:50PMMRSV30Orange Crushvs.Fusion FC Old Boys
22-MayFri5:40PMCRPLT22Meaningful Touchvs.The Bad Touch
22-MayFri6:30PMCRPLT23The Barriers to Entryvs.The Bench Warmers
22-MayFri7:20PMCRLM24Conceptvs.Slug Fest
22-MayFri8:10PMCC11The Way We Get Byvs.Feel the Rhythm
22-MayFri9:00PMCC12The Croodsvs.Winchester Tavern
22-MayFri9:50PMCRPLT24Metallicavs.MS S.C.
25-MayMon5:40PMMRSV31Orange Crushvs.Aresol FC
25-MayMon6:30PMMA19The Bier Guysvs.Cronk
25-MayMon7:20PMMA20Top Shelfvs.Scrilla Villa
25-MayMon8:10PMMC17Where’s Cisco?vs.Hakuna Matata
25-MayMon9:00PMMC18CFC Corvallisvs.Matt Rushmore
25-MayMon9:50PMMA21Ogrenautsvs.Beast United